Monday, September 13, 2010

New to the shop this week

Here are just a few of the items that arrived in the shop this week. Come in and take a look or come see us at the Taste of Home Cooking Show in Price. Saturday, September 18. If you are not local but are interested in any of these items let us know and we can send you an invoice through PayPal.Wallets $20
Handbags $40

The Cowgirl Beanies are a huge hit...$10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strange Things are Happening!!

If you haven't been into the shop lately, now is the time to drop in. Although you may not recognize it at first glance. The office you usually walk into is slowly becoming a boutique. Were hoping this will be your go to place for any gift you have to buy. We are still offering long arm quilting, classes, and kits for all of you that sew. But now even those of you who don't sew and have no desire to learn will enjoy Quilted Treasures Boutique!

Today the last of our handbags and wallets arrived. Monday our Babyleggings arrived. We painted last week now all we need is a Grand Opening and you better believe we've got one of those up our sleeve!

Saturday July 3rd right after the parade we'll be at the shop waiting for crowds to come. With cookies!! We'll have a float in the parade to show you just what we plan on selling at the shop now. I'm sure you won't miss us, were being escorted by a whole bunch of grandkids on stick horses. But after the parade stop in and visit with us. Were really excited about all the changes.

So as you can see, (were not revealing all of it, you'll have to stop in and see ALL the new stuff) we have a whole new store to come look at. We have a whole new style of flowers and headbands in stock. Our ruffle bummed onsies will be so cute with the baby leggings, we are carrying these adorable burp cloths and you can get a nursing cover to match. Perfect for any baby shower huh? Have I mentioned the jewelry yet? Yes, we'll have some of that too!

You may have noticed too, that we are on Facebook now. Were hoping to keep you up to date with what is going on and maybe even offer some great deals for you. Were even offering a free flower to the first Facebook fan who walks in on Saturday. Become a fan by clicking "Like" up in the top right hand corner.

Those of you who aren't local don't feel left out. We'll let you know of any new happenings in our etsy shop and some great new things coming up. Please become a fan and refer all of your friends. There will be something in it for you around fan #100 if you know what I mean.

I'll post pictures for those of you who miss out on Monday. Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bamboo Batting

Hi, thanks for the compliments on the blessing dress!

Were excited to announce our bamboo batting is now available in our etsy shop. Were offering it for $12 a yard.

Here is a little information about Winline Textiles and their fabulous batting... A natural fiber made from renewable resources, durable, antibacterial, breathable, and thin scrim to prevent stretching and bunching. Antibacterial green manufacturing process. Machine or hand quilt approximately 8" apart. 2 to 3% shrinkage. No need for pre-washing.

It is also available for all you locals! Come in and check it out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blessing Dress

We definitely survived from our weekend touring the state. Ok it was just a wedding and a baby blessing but we survived. It was a lot of driving and just when we thought we had recovered we got 3 more truck loads of cows so we are now over 260 pairs. Enough of that though, I want to show you The Dress .
This is my sister Melissa's baby Ava Jane. The dress looked beautiful on her.

I'd love to hear what you think.

On the right below is Ava's big sister Bryar and on the left my daughter JayLee. They are about 18 months apart and they love to play together

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I had it under control!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The Easter bunny came and hid some eggs but not before he delivered a truck load of snow. ugh! oh well 2 more weeks of pasture, right? (Oh did I tell you I'm waking up early every morning to feed 120 cows. fun huh?)

Anyway, My mom came to visit on Saturday and we had lots of fun. She taught me how to make piping and then we went to the big city. but on the way my husband TOLD ON ME. Yep, told on me! I'm an adult right? I shouldn't be told on. But I was. (and he got a good laugh about it too)

You see my sister Melissa just had her baby. Ava Jane. That makes 5 grandkids for my mom. wahoo.
Well I wanted to make a blessing dress for her. (My mom has made both of her other granddaughter's dresses) It sounded fun and a little challenging so I volunteered. The blessing is this weekend and as of Saturday, I had the dress cut out. But my husband, he stuck me out on a limb. He said to me (in a quiet truck, on the way to the big city, right in front of my mom) "Kort, when are you going to start that blessing dress?" oh crap, I cannot believe he just said that! I knew I had been procrastinating, we all do it right? but I knew I had left myself plenty of time to do it. And I did. But my mom said "You still haven't started that!" and then she went silent. that was worse than her yelling at me and telling me I would never get it done in time. I felt like a little kid in trouble.
But As of today at 3:17 p.m. it is finished and I didn't JUST do the dress. No, I had to prove that I had it under control! (I'm a little competitive like that) so I did a little extra and I will let you see that now.

Cute huh? That is the sneak peak. I'm not showing you the dress until the baby is wearing it. But I will tell you I made it out of dupioni silk and it is beautiful. Oh and can you see the blood on that shoe? anyone know how to get blood out of silk?

We have a super long weekend that starts tomorrow and 800 driving miles later (with 2 kids under the age of 4) ends Sunday. See you, maybe

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Little Show and Tell

While my mom has been busy with the quilt show, I have been piddling around here. I've had these pillows I wanted to cover for nearly a year. Do you ever do that, think you will get to a project and put it of again and agin?

Here they are. I bought canvas drop cloths to use as curtains and then I changed my mind about the curtains. What do you think?

Here is a sneak peak at JayLee's Easter dress. It is the first time I've made her Easter dress and it is turning out so cute! I'm using a ModKid pattern.

The frustrating thing is that it would have been done by now but I ran out of ric rac. Not a problem for most people right? They can just run to the store and buy some. Not me. We have a small fabric store in town but they annoyingly never have what you need. I went in for white ric and rac and the lady tried to get me bias binding. So after I showed her what ric rac was (sigh)she informed me they didn't have white. Thanks alot.

My next option would be the Wal-Mart which is a 45 minute drive one way. And since we order ric rac on the spool, you usually can't find it the right size. So what do I do? I call my mom and ask her to ship it to me. It should be here today and I can finish it up. I'll get pictures up when it is done.

Thanks for listening to me rant. I do love living in the middle of nowhere surrounded by small towns but sometimes (crafting time) it sucks.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Quilt Show

Last weekend was the Quilt Show. My mom and a handful of other super fun ladies are breathing a sigh of relief that it is over. They had close to 120 quilts there. I, being a non-quilter (that soon may be changing) had a really good time looking everything.

It is so inspiring to see all the work and the beautiful fabric that comes together to make a quilt. One of the most memorable for me was a quilt from an old pattern. This woman had a quilt that her great grandmother had made but was falling apart and she basically recreated it. I forgot to take a picture of it but I will post one within the next couple of weeks.
I showed you a sample of this quilt the other day and here it is finished. I LOVE that braided border. And then the piping makes it even better. Good job Deb!

I hope no one gets offended but I am picking a favorite. There were so many beautiful quilts there that I loved. But this next one was definitely my favorite! Cathy Gunter made this and I'm not sure who did the quilting but it is so beautiful! Good work ladies!

Here is a little twist on a rag quilt for you. So cute. I think any kid would love this! I wonder if I can do it in a horse?
This is Penny. One of the many fun ladies I met while sitting at my mom's booth. She took a class on how to make this bag. Lucky for us she came back to give us a little show and tell!
This is Penny again but look past her to the quilt hanging in the background. (I was a real slacker at taking pictures but I promise I will make up for it) Patsy made this quilt and then they raffled it off. It was kind of a scrappy quilt and I couldn't count how much apron fabric was in there. Patsy love it when I send my scraps over.

Here is our booth. This was a little different for me because I didn't have my aprons there. We were really trying to concentrate on patterns and classes my mom offered. But I have to say the booth felt a little empty compared to the Holly Fair (where we had to find a place for over 50 aprons).

To wrap this long post up I just have to say how much fun I had at the quilt show. I met so many wonderful, talented women! Were so blessed to be able to get together and share our talents and friendship with one another. Thank You!!