Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Quilt Show

Last weekend was the Quilt Show. My mom and a handful of other super fun ladies are breathing a sigh of relief that it is over. They had close to 120 quilts there. I, being a non-quilter (that soon may be changing) had a really good time looking everything.

It is so inspiring to see all the work and the beautiful fabric that comes together to make a quilt. One of the most memorable for me was a quilt from an old pattern. This woman had a quilt that her great grandmother had made but was falling apart and she basically recreated it. I forgot to take a picture of it but I will post one within the next couple of weeks.
I showed you a sample of this quilt the other day and here it is finished. I LOVE that braided border. And then the piping makes it even better. Good job Deb!

I hope no one gets offended but I am picking a favorite. There were so many beautiful quilts there that I loved. But this next one was definitely my favorite! Cathy Gunter made this and I'm not sure who did the quilting but it is so beautiful! Good work ladies!

Here is a little twist on a rag quilt for you. So cute. I think any kid would love this! I wonder if I can do it in a horse?
This is Penny. One of the many fun ladies I met while sitting at my mom's booth. She took a class on how to make this bag. Lucky for us she came back to give us a little show and tell!
This is Penny again but look past her to the quilt hanging in the background. (I was a real slacker at taking pictures but I promise I will make up for it) Patsy made this quilt and then they raffled it off. It was kind of a scrappy quilt and I couldn't count how much apron fabric was in there. Patsy love it when I send my scraps over.

Here is our booth. This was a little different for me because I didn't have my aprons there. We were really trying to concentrate on patterns and classes my mom offered. But I have to say the booth felt a little empty compared to the Holly Fair (where we had to find a place for over 50 aprons).

To wrap this long post up I just have to say how much fun I had at the quilt show. I met so many wonderful, talented women! Were so blessed to be able to get together and share our talents and friendship with one another. Thank You!!

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