Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I had it under control!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The Easter bunny came and hid some eggs but not before he delivered a truck load of snow. ugh! oh well 2 more weeks of pasture, right? (Oh did I tell you I'm waking up early every morning to feed 120 cows. fun huh?)

Anyway, My mom came to visit on Saturday and we had lots of fun. She taught me how to make piping and then we went to the big city. but on the way my husband TOLD ON ME. Yep, told on me! I'm an adult right? I shouldn't be told on. But I was. (and he got a good laugh about it too)

You see my sister Melissa just had her baby. Ava Jane. That makes 5 grandkids for my mom. wahoo.
Well I wanted to make a blessing dress for her. (My mom has made both of her other granddaughter's dresses) It sounded fun and a little challenging so I volunteered. The blessing is this weekend and as of Saturday, I had the dress cut out. But my husband, he stuck me out on a limb. He said to me (in a quiet truck, on the way to the big city, right in front of my mom) "Kort, when are you going to start that blessing dress?" oh crap, I cannot believe he just said that! I knew I had been procrastinating, we all do it right? but I knew I had left myself plenty of time to do it. And I did. But my mom said "You still haven't started that!" and then she went silent. that was worse than her yelling at me and telling me I would never get it done in time. I felt like a little kid in trouble.
But As of today at 3:17 p.m. it is finished and I didn't JUST do the dress. No, I had to prove that I had it under control! (I'm a little competitive like that) so I did a little extra and I will let you see that now.

Cute huh? That is the sneak peak. I'm not showing you the dress until the baby is wearing it. But I will tell you I made it out of dupioni silk and it is beautiful. Oh and can you see the blood on that shoe? anyone know how to get blood out of silk?

We have a super long weekend that starts tomorrow and 800 driving miles later (with 2 kids under the age of 4) ends Sunday. See you, maybe

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Anonymous said...

When I was a designer's model for Christian Dior all the clothes were designed and fitted on me. The French and Italian seamstresses and tailors knew that if you got blood on a dress the person whose blood it was had to suck it out right quick with spit!

It works, even on white satins. Just make sure you haven't been eating orange popsicles!