Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy Bees

We've been terrible bloggers lately. But our excuse is that we have been busy. You see after the Holly Fair (huge craft show that took a lot of time) a gal contacted us about putting our stuff in her consignment shop. So my mom now has quite a few quilts at this consignment shop and I have whatever I do in the shop. It is called Over The Pickett Fence and is located in Vernal, UT and there is a great group of items there.

My aprons have surprisingly not been as popular there as I thought they would be. So I've been trying to find different things to put in. Which is one of the reasons I did those onsies. And then it occurred to me that everyone does baby and toddler items!!
**light bulb** no one does preteen. (at least in this area)
At the Holly Fair I had a lot of requests for skirts for ages 8-11. The complaint was that you can't buy anything long enough. I did a little online research just to make sure my sources were right. I went to the Gap and Old Navy. And if my 3 year old were 10 years old (I would have been like 14 when I had her) there was maybe 3 skirts out of both of those stores I would buy. So this little skirt was born.....or reborn because I've seen several versions of this

I'm making them in sizes 7-11 and they are knee length. I sent a bunch over to The Pickett Fence last week so now all I can do is wait to see how they do.
Some close ups

What do you think??


Infarrantly Creative said...

Cuuute, I love that second one. Adorable. Now my daughter needs to age 7 years first...but...adorable.

Nancy said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love the choices of fabric combinations for each skirt. What preteen wouldn't love to wear such a fun skirt?! I hope you have great success at the consignment shop.
Nancy from My Ancestors and Me at