Monday, June 15, 2009

Bias Binding Tutorial

I learned how to cut bias binding like this in a little fabric store in Richfield, Utah. I was standing in line at Marcia's and an and older lady asked the woman cutting fabric if she would cut some binding for her. I stood there and watched her cut this binding and was so surprised at how fast it was. I had her fold some more fabric and cut more binding so I would know how to do it. To make sure I remembered it she folded a piece of paper and I took it home with me. Now it is the only way I cut bias binding.

So just so it is clear, I didn't come up with this method I am simply passing it along. I also want to mention that we are far from professional film makers but we hope you can learn from the video anyway. I hope you enjoy!

I recommend folding a piece of paper right along with the tutorial. That way you can put it right by your cutting table.

View the tutorial here

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Gram999 said...

How do you sew the strips together?