Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Double Wedding Ring Quilts

I think 4 ladies at my mom's shop are doing this pattern. It is a Judy Niemeyer Paper Piecing pattern and they are so beautiful! They are all using really different colors and prints so it makes it fun to watch them come together. My mom is the only one putting a white background behind the rings. The others are either using the dark brown or burgundy you can see in the picture below.

The one with the Burgundy background above is Deb's.

I'm pretty sure this one is Lesa's. You can always tell her colors. PS Lesa just got done with a postage stamp quilt that I took pictues of while I was at my mom's. So I'll share them in the next couple days.
This one is Mearl's quilt. I really love the brown behind it.

Here are Lesa's and Mearl's together. What do you think of the dark background?

Here they all are together. My mom's is the bright colored one. She is so predictable. (she might smack me for saying that, but maybe she'll start doing her side of the blog huh?)

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Rhonda said...

Just found your the double wedding rings.........I've made one in a class a very long time ago