Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Our Valentines Day
Date Night Apron
Available in our Etsy Store
January 1, 2010

Sorry the pictures are so dark. I had to hurry and get JayLee to preschool and this apron had to go in the mail. With all the snow I only wanted to take 1 trip to town so you'll have to settle for crappy pictures.

Also now available in out etsy store is PLUS SIZE date night aprons. I just sent out my first one today. All you have to do is request them.

I hope everyone is loving the snow. I know I am loving the thought of more pasture for the horses and cows but every time I think of trying to get out of my driveway I cringe.

Happy Holidays!!!


Mom's Place said...


Sew It Up! said...

Great fabrics and I love the style. I wish we had snow. It's going to be in the low 70's here.

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

OMG that apron is gorgeous!! Love it!!

Merry Christmas!!

Kortnie - I don't know if I ever responded to your last email - things have been so hectic around here! We are moving across country in just a few weeks - so much going on!

I am resuming my normal activities on my blog in Feb. This way I have time to get settled into our new place (if we find a place - eek!) If you need me to host the apron giveaway in Jan just let me know and I will get it done, if it can wait until the first of Feb that would be great for me!

Keep me posted and wishing your family a Merry filled Christmas!!