Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Witch's Day Out....and some more STUFF!

I'm lucky enough to have this wonderful group of ladies call me family! Every couple of months they get together for a sister's day and they along with their daughters go and do something fun. Last month we went to Gardner Village to the Witch's Day out. Here are some pictures. The Witches are AMAZING! Take a Look. I plan on taking my girls next year.

We did a little remodel at the shop this weekend. We knocked out a whole wall so we would have more classroom space. We'll post some pictures soon or you can just come in and take a look. Were planning an open house sometime in January. We'll have lots of fun things going on. Free tutorials and demonstrations all day long.

This weekend is the Holly Fair we've been preparing so hard for so that is why the blog has sort of been neglected. We've been adding quite a bit to the shop so check it out. We've started selling a little bit of fabric it is a line any cowgirl will LOVE. Go ahead click on shop above and it will take you there.

If you want to win one of our date night aprons check out Tamara's blog. She is doing a series of contests called Drabby to Fabby. Go to her blog for the details. Friday is our day. so check out our aprons and enter the contest to win.

Another bit of exciting news is Giveaway Day hosted by SewMamaSew is December 2nd. We got a whole lot of entries last time. But I cant think of what to giveaway so if you have any ideas let me know.

One more cool thing we are planning the Quilt Show we did last year. It is going to be in March. I'm not sure on the exact dates yet but I'll post more soon. Kortnie says she is going to do a quilt for it (ha ha we'll see if she really does) so all you young girls should join her. Plus we are working on some classes and kits for it as well

This is such a great industry to work in. Thanks to everyone for all the support and love


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