Monday, November 30, 2009

I think it is Magic!!

Has anyone ever done any shirring? I havn't until this morning but now I'm in love with it. I've been looking for a good project to try it with for quite some time. Sandi henderson's Portabello Pixie pattern, Claire. There are so many options with this pattern and it gives you a great opportunity to do some shirring. She also has a great tutorial on her website all about shirring but there is plenty of informatino in the pattern to get the job done. My mom met Sandi at Quilt market and I'm pretty jealous. She does some great work.

Well here is what I did some shirring on. The Claire patern has some shirring on the peasant top and the peasant dress. JayLee found a fat quarter bundle for an ok price at the Damaged or lost in shipping store in town. For some reason she had to have it and I promise I've never seen fabric handled so much. Every time I turned around she had it back out. Right when we got home we had to pick a pattern and then she started making plans for this fabric. We were kind of limited bacause it was just fat quarters but we made it work. What do you think?


Mom's Place said...

So that's what it is called! I had to google it as your picture couldn't be enlarged to see.
Cute shirt though!!

Sharon said...

Wow! Very cute!! I'm kinda ashamed to say I've got a sewing table sitting in my garage that I don't know how to operate/thread/use. Every time I pop onto your page, I think... I need to pull it out, dust her off, and get to work.

Beautiful work (and beautiful model) :)

Daffy said...

Beautiful! I would wear it :O)

I'm looking forward to some sewing time this summer...sigh...I wish I had it now! I've got a whole list of projects I want to tackle!

Michelle said...

There isn't a better time to start sewing than now! There are so many options for fabric and patterns and tons of people who are giving classes. and if you can't afford a class just jump on Youtube and watch a tutorial. Technology is so awesome!

Tara said...

I quite like the very full knee length skirt. It could be because of the beautifully skinny waist I saw it on, but it did look most flattering!

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

rosemeg said...

Ooh -- all kinds of things I love! I love the flights of fancy apron and the paisley version, and I love the ruffle quilt! Great stuff!