Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little knock off

OK so we've all done it right? Saw something in the store or a pattern for something and thought, "I could make that!" So I did just that! I saw this. So it turned out in my favor when JayLee said, "Mom, I want a skirt" on the same day. It was meant to be, right? So I got to work. Of course I ran into some bobbles along the way and thought "patterns are so nice because all the measurements are written right there," but I endured to the end (as we say in Utah) and this is what I got....

So it turned out too big for JayLee and I was so unsure of it when I finished. I put it on a manequin and hung it on the wall and that is where it has sat for a month or so. A couple of people have stopped by to order aprons and do Halloween costumes and to my surprise they said how cute it was. I had forgotten it was even there but it has really grown on me. I LIKE IT!

There are of course some changes I would have made the first would of course be to make it shorter so it would fit a 3 year old instead of a 6 year old. Second would be to add interfacing to the non-gathered strips so they aren't so floppy but the pattern probably tells you that so when it comes out you should buy it. I however don't have that much patience so I will probably try again.

I'll let you know how it turns out but it may not be for a while we are trying to get ready for the Holly Fair which is a local craft fair we did pretty good at last year. My mom however is off to play at the International Quilt Market in Houston. She keeps rubbing it in and making us all jealous but don't think all 3 of her girls haven't given her a whole list of places to go and people to meet. Also Tamara over at Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom is featuring our aprons in her giveaway series called Drabby to Fabby. Go check out her blog for some great giveaways. We will be giving an apron away on November 13th. Check it out!


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

CUTE skirt...? I love the fabric!

Hey I made you a button and emailed it. Gmail sometimes is unreliable so let me know if you did not get it.


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I linked you to my button site :)